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The smartest way to the best you.

Step-by-step to optimal health and fitness.

The way we live will be revolutionised by an ever-increasing understanding of human genetics.

Personal DNA testing and nutrigenomics can reveal our unique individual fitness potential, nutritional needs and risk factors.

The GenSmart Method helps you harness this knowledge, and turn it into sustainable habits and lifestyle changes.


A journey to health mastery.

Thomas Olivier is a certified nutrigenomic practitioner, author of "Cracking your health code" and is the driving force behind the Gensmart methodology. He was the first coach in the UK to offer fitness and nutrition plans based on his clients' own genotypes.

His GenSmart Method combines the personalised insights of genomics with a supportive and practical goal-setting approach.

This vision has already helped hundreds optimise their health and lifestyle potential – empowering them to make the best changes and build the best habits.

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As well as the gensmart mobile app Thomas also has a number of other complimentary ways to help you gain mastery over your body.

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